Will Medication Help Me With My Gambling Addiction?

There is no magical cure for gaming addiction and there is no one particular medication that can actually stop and individuals’ impulse to gamble. If you browse the web you can find various small studies that have shown that certain medications can curb the urge to gamble. Results of these studies never have daftar dadunatio shown any major significant clues.

Gaming is a behaviour addiction which is also known as an “impulse disorder”. It is a learned behavior, even though many physical influences have been shown to effect gaming behavior.

Many significant studies have shown that the drugs actually prescribed to patients with Parkinson’s disease have actually increased gaming behavior severely in these patients who never had a gaming problem in the first place. Because these drugs known as “dopamine -agonists”increased the available cause of dopamine in the brain, strong final thoughts have been made about the role of dopamine in compulsive gaming behavior.

If an individual with a gaming addiction suffers from depression or anxiety, medication may be prescribed to treat these underlying problems. Sometimes doctor will propose an anti-depressant that can improve mood and curb the urge for self-destructive and obsessive gaming.

Medications may be prescribed for gaming addiction, however, it is my belief that an overall lifestyle change including proper diet, self-care, exercise, and good sleep habits can help as well. Every unique situation takes a different approach, and it is a good idea for an individual with a gaming dependence on visit his or her physician for an expert opinion.

Sometimes we all look for that magic pill that will make a huge change in our lives without taking personal responsibility for that change. An individual with a gaming problem needs to make life changes in all areas of his or her life to truly beat a gaming problem. It is a lifelong process of change that will solidify a good, healthy recovery.

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