Building Your own Ice Skating Rink

This idea stemmed from years of growing up near a creek. There was a run off of water that was only inches tall deep and made a pretty good size roller skating area for the neighborhood kids to play without the worry of breaking ice dangers. Although rent an ice rink you can now purchase kits to build your own rink, this is not only cheaper but also shows the chance for a family to work together on the project.

We built our rink 24′ by 24′ which became plenty of room to get around, but did not take up the whole yard. You might want to go larger or smaller depending on your needs. The first step will be purchasing the materials and getting together the various tools we will need to put this idea together. My material list should include a trip to the local timber yard for 8 2x6x12, treated a 36×36 piece of heavy plastic (you can find reinforced plastic as well), 4 1x1x12’s treated, and 1 ½”aluminum nails. The various tools we’d like incorporate a staple weapon with ½” staples, I prefer my Bosch Miter Saw and Bosch Miter Saw Stand, hammer and mallet, and a sq ., and your garden hose. Again this can be downsized or made larger per your family’s needs.

Make sure the spot you have chosen to build this backyard entertainment center is level and without any rocks with preferably a nice bed of lawn. The various tools needed are minimal so i set up my Bosch Miter Saw Stand and my Bosch saw and begin cutting my 1×1’s into 12 1′ sections. These 1′ sections are then angled 90 degree on one side on which will be the bottom one’s support buy-ins. After our cuts are made and buy-ins are finished we simply lay the 12′ 2×6’s down one-by-one and nail the buy-ins on teh lateral side making level with top of 2×6 and placing every two feet, the angled end will be entering the bottom so the flat top of position should be level.

When you’re done exactly how side boards with the attached buy-ins, you’re now want to a couple more hands for the next step so gather up some more family members and let’s go. With three of you holding the board you will begin one end of the first board and that is set in on the surface in your designated location and hammer the buy-ins into the ground until all buy-ins are 6″ into the ground and your 2×6 is exposed. You may then repeat the process butting the second board against the first and putting your sq . in the corner just to make sure we end up with a sq . and not a diamond rink, although that would probably be an interesting design. Hammering the buy-ins into the ground and repeating the last step again on the other 2×6 forming your sq .. Our alternative with be to lay our plastic out over our sq . with inches tall also hanging over. With help from the family go around and even the plastic every side should have 6″ to cover inside 2×6 and 6″ for the not in the 2×6. Once this is complete you will use your Bosch staple weapon to attach the plastic to the 2×6 on teh lateral side only and make sure the staples are sunk and not adhering up for they could cause injury.

Your final step up this process is to get your garden hose out of storage and fill you ice rink with 4 inches tall of water leaving a 2 inch space to the the top of 2×6. Make sure you put your garden hose away as to ruin it and then give building your garden shed a short time to frost nova if needed, depending on where you live. When frozen put on the ice skates and have fun.

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