No Physical Water Treatment? You are You Gambling With Life Itself

100 dead and 40, 000 sick in Milwaukee in 1993. Anxieties they had physical waste treatment in their homes, the demise and the number of people sick could have been greatly reduced. This is a true store by the way, the result of the 1993 Milwaukee cryptosporidium outbreak that affected the water supplies of people in that location.

This occurrence brought the matter of microbiological impurities in drinking water in sharp focus. People realized that (a) city water treatment systems have their limits and (b) they had better take matters into their own hands and give their loved ones added protection from physical matter in drinking water.

The problem

There are the so called “super bugs”, microbes that have become resistant to city water treatment processes. Chlorination has helped to curb the occurrence of waterborne illness such as cholera nd typhoid but “super bugs” such as cryptosporidium and giardia are chlorine resistant.

And it is just not these two microorganism that can cause problems. Studies show that eromonas, legionella, pseudomonas among others have increasingly turned up in water supplies around the world.

What is so alarming about this is that of all the other drinking water impurities, heavy metals, chemicals (organic and inorganic), physical entities are the most dangerous. Ingesting microbiological impurities via a glass of water can make you sick or kill you real fast. Those survivors of the Milwaukee cryptosporidium outbreak can confirm that

The solution

The us government must play their part in ensuring that systems are in destination to minimize a repeat of the Milwaukee outbreak, but wouldn’t it be wise to give your family a great layer of protection against microbiological impurities in their tap water. After all water is life and we ought to be drinking it daily.

This is where home physical water treatment devices come in. A quality unit, can eliminate bacteria in drinking water and give you and your family healthy, safe drinking water.

But here lies another problem, many households will be sold water treatment systems that are incapable of removing microbiological impurities from drinking water. They may be getting protection from more secure impurities like sediment and turbidity but the bacteria in tap water remains unchecked.

This is where online investigation necessary. By doing all your homework, you’ll find out that Reverse osmosis water filtration systems don’t remove bacteria and are therefore not a physical water treatment system.

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